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This updated report card, which launched on October 3, 2023, grades each state, including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, on financial education based on current state-wide requirements, standards, and curriculum for personal finance.

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Serving the interests of America’s public schoolchildren –

our nation’s future leaders.

How We Make an Impact

About Our Work

The American Public Education Foundation was founded to help protect America’s economic interests through programs and services that support high-quality public education. We believe in the power of public education to transform lives, grow economies and strengthen America.

Pickler Wealth Advisors

David Pickler and Pickler Wealth Advisors have funded 100% of the administrative and operational costs of the American Public Education Foundation.

100% of the funds donated have gone toward programs centered around providing high-quality public education for our nation's students.

"The public school is at once the symbol of our democracy and the most pervasive means for promoting our common destiny."

Chief Justice Felix Frankfurter

Public Eduction

Foundation Leadership

David Pickler

Executive Director

David Pickler

Cameron Spann

Chief Communications Officer

Cameron Spann

Cort Winsett

General Counsel

W. Cort Winsett

Cassie Lynn Foote

Assistant Executive Director

Cassie Lynn Foote

Melissa House

Chief Financial Officer

Melissa T. House

Advisory Board

The American Public Education Foundation Advisory Board is a hand-selected group of public education advocates and super stars who share the same passion regarding public education and preparing the 50 million children of America’s public schools.

The purpose of this board is to broaden our foundation's perspective, deepen our knowledge, embrace diversity of thought, and better reflect all of America.

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Next Generation!
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