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Our Mission

The American Public Education Foundation was founded to help protect America’s economic interests through programs and services that support high-quality public education.  We serve the interests of America’s public schoolchildren – our nation’s future leaders. The Foundation believes in the power of public education to transform lives, grow economies and strengthen America.

Our Mission

Nine out of 10 school-age children attend America’s public schools

(Over 50 million nationwide)

National Center for Education Statistics

Public education is vital for tomorrow's success.

A  Catalyst for Positive Change

​The American Public Education Foundation partners with public school advocates from all walks of life – lawmakers, leaders, and ordinary Americans – to “keep the American Dream alive” for our nation’s K-12 students. We believe that high-quality public education is the pathway to a stronger America.


We seek to identify and aggregate “the best of what we know.” The future of public education is dependent on bold ideas, “outside-the-box” creative thinking and scalable best practices designed to improve teaching and learning and strengthen America’s public schools.


Our programs and services complement classroom-based teaching and learning, building “life skills” - civic engagement, character development and global citizenship - that empower students to thrive in today’s complex 21st century global economy.

Together We Can. Together We Must.


David A. Pickler

Executive Director

Pickler Wealth Advisors
American Public Education Foudation

David Pickler and Pickler Wealth Advisors have funded 100% of the administrative and operational costs of the American Public Education Foundation.

100% of the funds donated have gone toward programs centered around providing high-quality public education for our nation's students.

See our Work in Action!

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