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APEF: Solving the Financial Illiteracy Crisis

Why is Financial Education so important?

Financial Illiteracy is a national crisis. Our nation is rapidly sinking into a sea of debt and financial dependency. This epidemic may seem daunting and, at times, impossible to overcome, but the American Public Education Foundation thinks otherwise. We believe financial literacy begins in the classroom at the earliest ages. Together, we can embrace our responsibility to prepare the next generation for learning, for leadership, and for life, and change the course of their future.

Our children have not been prepared

to make good financial choices.


What is the first step towards solving this enormous issue?

Fixing the problem begins with taking an honest look at where we stand with financial education. The American Public Education Foundation’s Report Card on Financial Literacy grades each state in the United States, and the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, in terms of K-12 financial education. These grades are based on current state-wide requirements, standards, and curriculum for personal finance.


Mapping out success and needs.

 Our foundation has reviewed each state's stance on financial education and created a robust report card based on our findings.


Our goal is to help ensure our next generation is prepared to handle their finances smartly, avoid debt, better understand our economy, and learn to make good decisions about their life and money.

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