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American Pillars Education Foundation and Boy Scouts of America Chickasaw Council Celebrate Local Educators at "An Evening of Excellence"

On April 11th, 2024, the American Pillars Education Foundation and the Boy Scouts of America Chickasaw Council hosted "An Evening of Excellence." This special event was dedicated to honoring the outstanding teachers from the six municipal school districts in our area: Arlington Community Schools, Bartlett City Schools, Collierville Schools, Germantown Municipal School District, Lakeland School System, and Millington Municipal Schools.

The celebration was not just about recognizing these incredible educators for their dedication and hard work; it was also a gathering that highlighted the unity and support within our educational community. Each district presented its own unique stories of teacher achievement and innovation in education, which not only inspired those present but also reinforced the critical role teachers play in shaping our future generations.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our generous sponsors who made this evening possible: Bank of Bartlett, A2H, Higginbotham, Renaissance Group, 4F Design, Knowledge Tree, First Horizon, and Amro Music. Their support underscores the strong community commitment to education and acknowledges the lasting impact of teachers on all of us.

Honored Educators

We proudly recognize the following teachers for their exceptional dedication and contributions to education:

Arlington Community Schools
  • Laurin Willoughby - Arlington Elementary School

  • Jennifer Harvey - Arlington Middle School

  • Cameron White - Arlington High School

Bartlett City Schools
  • Deidra Harrell - Oak Elementary School

  • Alana Smith - Appling Middle School

  • Kinsey Vigus - Bartlett 9th Grade Academy

Collierville Schools
  • Susanna Bortz - Crosswind Elementary School

  • Sarah Hammett - West Collierville Middle School

  • Michelle Martin - Collierville High School

Germantown Municipal School District
  • Anna Brignole - Farmington Elementary School

  • Elizabeth Hume - Houston Middle School

  • Jerica Ross - Houston High School

Lakeland School System
  • Jill Lee - Lakeland Elementary School

  • Brent Hopper - Lakeland Preparatory School

  • Jenny Kiesel - Lakeland Preparatory School

Millington Municipal Schools
  • Rachel Crown - Millington Primary

  • Meron Ticer - Millington Intermediate

  • Cherie Timberlake - Millington Central Middle High (7-8)

  • Amy Ingram - Millington Central Middle High (9-12)

Each of these educators have shown a profound commitment to excellence, significantly impacting their students and the broader community. Their achievements and dedication remind us of the crucial role teachers play in our lives and the lives of our children. They are truly our local heroes, and this evening was a fitting acknowledgment of their hard work and passion.

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