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Emeritus Faculty Member, Santa Rosa Junior College

Frank Pugh

Frank Pugh is a Counselor and Instructor with 40 years of experience at Santa Rosa Junior College.

He grew up in Chula Vista California, and completed his undergraduate and graduate work at San Diego State University. Frank earned his AS Degree from Southwestern Community College, BA and MA degrees at San Diego State University.

Frank has authored several text books and countless magazine articles in the area of technology and governance. He has also created several recipes for Sunset Magazine and cooking has turned out to be one of his favorite hobbies.

He also held an elected position to the Board of Education for the Santa Rosa City Schools District. Frank is also a Past President and Board Member for the California School Boards Association. He is the Immediate Past President of the National School Boards Association.

Frank has been married to Ann for 40 years and they have really great kids - Eliz and her husband Ryan and their daughter Ada and son Charlie, and his other daughter Caroline and her husband Doug and their daughter Emma.

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